Back to Basics

Last weekend, came my sonny boy with his usual pretentious tone explaining the rules of an app that he recently downloaded. I was intrigued into this world of applications and fabrications. As he continued explaining the rules of the app, the pros and cons and yes the dodges and the podges, I was transported to Fantasy land.

The rules as he explained seemed so simple, I began doubting my intellect. Were my grey cells all lost in the journey of being a good mum? He took me in and out of the touch screen tabs, I was being swamped with instructions – the conversation which began in a sweet tone soon was transformed into a cacophonous one

Not to be left behind, came in my teen queen, my princess, showing off her latest apps on design and the tweeks technology can do.

What had transpired this change of environment?

He was now showing me apps for spell check, simple formulae, and yes even to learn how to greet someone, how to hold a pencil, how to write, play football, cricket, the list is endless.

Not that I don’t like apps, I love to delve into them, get to know how to use and the ones that I need or can help me. Hopping onto the bandwagon of technology, without learning the basics can be quite precarious.

On the flip side, do we really need an app to learn how to hold the pencil, or for simple computations. Were we not born with grey matter waiting to be utilized, did we not learn this without the so called app. The feeling of holding the pencil in the hand for the first time, greeting uncles and aunts with loving hugs, tighter ones for our siblings, and yes learning how to smile, fall and rise.. this list too is endless

The generation that I grew up with learnt to mend their own ways, fiend for themselves and heal a broken wound, lend a shoulder to cry on, smile wholeheartedly and love without wanting likes, comments and recommendations

So I decided to go back to my basics and learn to live life the way I was taught and pass on this legacy to my next generation.
There is so much magic in opening a dictionary and searching for a word, its meaning, go try it.

How about playing a game of badminton with our kids, lets do it, We are no professionals,  yet we have that urge to play. don’t we?
I have gone back to my basics, and now teach my children to calculate with their head, play the actual game of football, shout a high five to their friends, hug their parents, hold the real pencil or brush for drawing and speak out what is in their heart.

There is no need for some app to feel these emotions, back to basics can heal many a wound, mend broken friendships and recreate the create the magic of dancing in the rain or smiling at the sun.

Think right, feel light 🙂


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  1. Lovely read! We are getting into a tech and app driven world! I remember my FIL had traveled to US more than a decade or so ago and he was amused that the coffee vendor could not return the change as he was waiting for the computer to flash the reminder amount. I hope our kids don’t end up being that dependent on apps

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