Hear the chime, it’s time to shine

The king rules and the queen moves, this is what the game of chess is all about

How different is this from the lives we lead today.

Decades ago, when the lady of the house. The “queen” was expected to confine her life to the four walls of her home and tend to the needs and necessities of her family, which many a time had extended family members, she submitted to the needs of her family. She was talented, beautiful and wanted to explore the world, use her talents, and live her live, yet, she chose her family over her most prized desires and her passions and all that she got educated for. The bells chimed then

Fast forward, a few decades from then, with the influx of technology, has there been a snowball effect in the lives the lady of the house leads. To a certain extent, the woman is breaking barriers, moving out of the confines of her home, exploring the world and connecting with her very own self.

Across the borders, the woman is still living her life for her family, tending to their needs, letting go off her dreams which she passionately strived to achieve, leaving her as someone taken for granted.

Why don’t we as women look at ourselves, why do we wane our needs, let our passions dwindle, endure he pain for the world to enjoy, The bells still chime, long has she let the world shine in front of her, it is time for the lady, the queen to move strides and to shine, the world is waiting with bated breath for the miracles to surface




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