Feel your fear – do not feed it



How often have we heard of do not feed your fear..cliche though this may sound, it is true.

Before I proceed any further, pause, and reflect on what actually hold you back, is it the fear of change, fear or rejection, fear of failing, fear of being ridiculed, fear of being unwanted or that nagging feeling which we assume to be fear and transport ourselves to an unpredictable state of mind and body.

As we have read, FEAR has two meanings, Face Everything And Rise or Feel It And Run

For me, being positive in the face of adversity has been the anchor I hold on to.

The pain grips me

The fear holds me

The thought resonates with me

And my entire being submits to thee

This is what fear makes of ourselves. We are feeding the fear with not a simple meal once in a while, we are feeding it with a sumptuous and mind blowing meal every time we accept that nudging feeling of fear.

Why not look at it with a different approach

We need to FEEL the FEAR and not FEED the FEAR

Feelings are important for each and every one of us. Being a mom of two amazing kids, and a wonderful husband, who is the master chef at home,  I had the fear of cooking, always felt I would fail. No one at home ever expected me to cook like our home Master chef, my hubby was very encouraging yet, every day I would feed this fear with a sumptuous meal – the fear of failing in the art of cooking, And in time, fear grew into a humongous monster, till it almost exploded within, I then decided that enough is enough. I had to stop feeding that fear.

I couldn’t stop the feeling, cause feeling fear is natural, I had to face the fear and dive into what I thought and felt was impossible

I was nudged with fear again, so I decided, that if I couldn’t dive, I could start with baby steps. I started with the basics, simple easy yet creative salads, which was very much appreciated by all at home, This led me to explore my culinary skills even further, and I ventured into desserts. I am a fan of quick easy simple cooking, so I delved into what connected and resonated with me.

Soon there were dishes to cater to everyone’s taste buds, be it Tiramisu , Mango Mousse, Mango pannacotta, milk burfi, cakes, the list was now expanding with special thanks to

You Tube.

Next was the Friday Breakfasts, wherein I tried to bring in creativity into the mundane dishes, – with cheesy dosa ( crispy rice pancakes), tawa chilli idli (chilli flavoured steamed rice cakes) and the conventional poha (beaten rice) and upma (steamed spicy and sweet semolina)

Little did I realize that the humongous monster who was feeding on my fears had vanished, all because I chose to only feel the fear and face it. I stopped feeding it and the monster devoid of food suffered a mysterious death

Do you too have the nagging feeling you call fear, and if you do, Please FACE it and DO NOT FEED it, coz it need to be only felt and then your actions will determine its presence in your life

I am so sure you would feed your tummy instead of that humongous monster

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