Disconnect to connect

Do you feel caught up with the vivacious, vicarious, versatile web? Are you entangled in its fangs? Has modern day technology left you bereft of what your heart and mind desires?

The urge to be connected with the virtual world, does seem enticing, entertaining and at times the  most effective ways of learning, however, with the avalanche of information, we miss the tiny snippets of life

For me, I felt the urge to be connected on the major social networking sites as often as I could, and wear a superficial mask to prove to the world at large, that YES, I am part of the bandwagon. It did feel good for some time, however, is this urge seeped into my tasks, I began to feel the pressure, the urge to be in the moment always, made me feel so disconnected with myself. The ubiquity of smartphones, the art of being part of the virtual world made it difficult to find that ME time.

there was something missing, something I yearned for, something I wanted to connect to and with – Aha !! yes I wanted to connect with myself. So, this weekend, I decided to give it a try, digital detox for a whole 60 minutes, yes a Herculean task, It seemed insurmountable, impossible and weird.

In these magical 60 minutes, I went to reading, arranged my book shelf, read a few pages of a book I was yearning to do, and yes put my thoughts in this blog. This post is after a 3 month self imposed hiatus – blame it on me leaning on social media  Now I feel I have accomplished something, I deserve to reward myself, and Yes i will be extending this weekend daydreaming time into the working week.

I look forward to carving out time for strategic thinking, making a conscious attempt to make concrete plans and carry a book with me wherever I go. Eureka !! I will find many surprising moments to celebrate all because I chose to disconnect to connect 

To all my dear friends, disconnect to connect with your dear own self






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