The race to ace

Is this something that we have heard, felt or sometimes even read about? Does it sound cliché ? For me this has been a nagging question over the past few weeks that is why a hiatus in posting articles on my blog

In the race to achieve that desired status, women have the nerve-wracking strength to face all odds and they do it with subtlety where needed and with force when demanded. They aspire to live the dreams of their lives by facing resistance, displaying resilience and proving beyond doubt that they can, they still fall short.

Students are pushed into achieving something that their parents desired to in yonder years.

Parents are disillusioned to perform acts and drive their offspring to thrive and survive in this overtly challenging world

Why Why Why has made me delve deeper into this nagging question – it surely is hard to pin down to one single reason decisively

While looking back at life, at the women who have reached somewhere close to the pinnacle, l realized that there is much more than meets the eye.

After years of putting in efforts, believing that hard work pays, ranks will move upwards and power was attainable, they are still deemed as vulnerable, dependable and yes not a visionary. They are made to feel criticized if they bask in their glory, men give a gory look to assertive women and with this baggage in the way of the number 1 position, they let go off that feeling and settle at what life offers.

On the other side, there were men who adored women, looked up to them for advise and were pretty comfortable with women holding that aspire to desire position – Number 1. However, that ratio is pretty negligible

Students are compelled to live dreams that they just don’t connect with, the frequency is so much in tangent to their passions, the race to participate in something they don’t feel the urge to ace, and ironically ace in something which holds no value to them

For parents, fulfilling their long-lost dreams, desires which got washed away in the whirlpool of life, strangely are phenomenally brought to life, to create prodigies who win the battle and lose the war

That brought me to another question, why do women settle for less and who defines less? Is it the position in the corporate ladder, or in politics, or in the friend circle, or in the fashion arena or anywhere for that matter? What is the pleasure derived from driving another individual to fulfill your long-lost, forlorn dream? Where do these students take their laurels, does this help them to bask in the glory or face an end so gory

I wish people realize that everyone is made to participate in a race, the race to live a life of dignity, fulfilment and contentment. Yes, there are challenges along the way, just like the black and white keys on a keyboard make the music seem so melodious , so do these peaks and valleys make life encouraging.

In this race, we don’t have to run the same manner as others do, we don’t have to replicate their deeds to achieve success in our lives, simply coz their ground is totally different from ours, They don’t wear the shoes we do, they don’t see the sun and sky as we do, so why ape.

Race to ace, something that you are passionate about, women bestowed with talents and flair, explore them, and work on them, you will ace this race

Students, millennials, the world is your canvas, strengthen your strengths and Lo! You have aced this race

Parents, love your children, let then unleash their talents, you will feel proud of what they have achieved, they will amaze you and surely make you feel proud and gratified.

And to all who are in this race of live, live to ace the race you are passionate about, success will follow you like a faithful friend.




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