From a baby to a lady

It was a sultry evening in Feb 98. I was feeling a bit uneasy, exhausted and nauseous. No, I hadn’t hit the gym, nor was I off food, I am a foodie and have enjoyed and relished eating ever since I remember breathing to survive. Then what was it that made me feel distressed and dismayed

Hubby dear, was anxious and he freaked out seeing me, like this. With no option left, we visited a doctor ironically a gynecologist, who revealed the reason for this frantic qualm and angst.

There was a little life growing within me, and hearing that hubby dear freaked with excitement and joy, it was a scene out of a Bollywood movie as I slumped into the chair.

That was 19 years ago, and ever since I realized that I was holding a precious part of me within me, all I  longed for was a daughter, I imagined combing her curly hair, having big black eyes and keep chatting away as most girls do.

Maybe God heard my prayers, as we were blessed with an angel who was exactly what I imagined her to be. It was a roller coaster ride for both hubby and me as we juggled work and home to make all the time to be with her. Our princess, she was the first grandchild for both our families and someone who was adored and pampered

Time flew by – don’t ask me how, and, we got our 02nd child in 5 years – our prince, who is the heir to the family name.

First born child holds that magical key to the parent’s heart – and the hands that helped her walk, write and draw soon realized that this baby has grown, she has moved to school and can do these things all by herself. Oh I could still comb her hair, something that made my heart swell and gave me a glimmer of hope that Yes, I am still needed

How I wish time would stand still, in a few years, she was now a teen queen, and could braid her locks all by herself.

Aha! All hope wasn’t lost, as she still needed me to choose her dresses – her accessories, OK my eyes were filled with joy, I felt galvanized that yes,  I am still the queen

In a few years, she could decide her dresses all by herself as her decision-making capacity catapulted to alarming height, not withering Heights

Was I needed – was there something that she depended on me for – Yes, Yes – culinary traits

Her dad was the best cook in the house, there was no one like him, however, somewhere in that trail  were my signature cakes and bakes, chutney and curries which she relished, and was keen to learn from me.

Time flew, and soon she was at the anvil of taking her first big leap of joining university – in a country far from home, in a distant land to fulfill her dream, her passion, her art and design, her 02nd love –the 01st love was locked –  she was daddy’s girl.

Knowing that she needed to learn the art of cooking, I taught her many easy to make dishes and dreaded the thought of how would she cook, study, do the laundry, make new friends, visit church, do the groceries all by herself and remain sane.

Petrified that I was, I accompanied her to her dorm, stayed in this new city – her home for the next few years and explained the little do’s and don’ts of life.

While leaving her new home, I broke down, yet all she said was, “Mama, I will make you proud”.

I couldn’t believe my little baby is now a lady, She learnt to do all the things that petrified me and  did ace in so many little deeds which I never ever thought she would do

A dreamer, that she is, my little baby now a young lady, go live the dream. God knew, my heart needed you – you are far more precious than jewels and gold. When I tried to teach her about life, she taught me so much more, keep shining daddy’s girl and mummy’s world



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