The “Santa” in Christmas

The month of December rings in a series of bells and yes these are the bells in the true sense

The houses are decorated with shimmer and sheen, glitter and so pristine. Schools are closed and everyone looks forward to wearing new clothes and exchanging gifts

We create the perfect wish list and are literally wrapped up in social media updates, posts and exchanging greetings not forgetting the awesome and very unique Christmas sweets and delicacies


Yes, these little pointers add to the festivities that Christmas is all about, and at times I too get tempted to all of this. In the years gone by I would look for Santa’s gift, exchange the Secret Santa’s gift with my friends, and then become the invisible Santa for my children – which to the kids summed up what Christmas was all about

Yes we went for Mass and prayed and thanked God for everything and wished Baby Jesus a very Happy Day, His day. Somehow, with the passage of time and in the frivolous lifestyle, Santa took precedence over the solemnity of this day

And that brought me to contemplate that while we partake of these festivities, we need to be mindfuil and remind ourselves that Jesus is the reason for this season.

And whilst we look at the magic that Santa creates with the gifts he brings, isn’t it time we ponder and look at that little Santa within us,

Don’t we delight in making someone happy, don’t we lend a shoulder to cry on, don’t we surprise our near and dear ones with gifts, don’t we bring smiles across the faces of those we meet

If the answer is “yes”, then aren’t we the “Santa” in that person’s life. We might not come on a sledge, we might not wear the cape or the attire that Santa projects, that makes us no less than the “Santa” that people consider us to be.

Though Christmas is once a year, Jesus is born to bring joy and peace to the world, Let us be thankful for all that we have received – either handed over, thrust upon or the lucky ones – simply gifted treasures

Let us perform   acts of kindness; make it a point to do something kind as often as we can, and most importantly, do it with love. Do something considerate for others that you receive no credit or benefit from. That is what the real “Santa” is all about. And this is not only for the month of December, this is all year through 🙂


Merry Christmas and may this season be the harbinger of joy and good tidings to all


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