You deserve much more…..

Have you ever thought about the times you have waited…..

The times that you waited for the train, the right job, the man or woman of your life, waited for someone to recognize you

And how did that make you feel – surely challenging and yes, at times truly depressing.

Do you really deserve to wait – you have that one life – one precious life – and what good does it do to take your dreams to your grave –

From research I have gathered that the grave is the most wealthiest of all places – in terms of dreams, passions, goals and desires all buried in the deep and dark abyss

You don’t deserve to – you surely don’t deserve to let your dreams and passions die this very dilapidated death

The only common factor in all of the things that you just read is only YOU

Are you waiting to fuel your passion – get a mind map of how you would love to see your dream unfold

Hesitant to speak to the love of your life – if you truly love that special person, take that first bold step?

Are you looking at making that dream trip – move and start the plan

Want to live your life – take a deep breath, and say it loud and clear – I have this happy and precious life and I am gonna make the best of it – come what may – my dreams, my passions, my desires, my goals all that I have been blessed with, I will spend it here coz I deserve the happiness and joy that is mine to claim.

Its time to move from the passenger seat of your car called life and hold on to the steering wheel and take that step – life is beautiful and you deserve the best

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