A new academic year

With the onset of Sep, the school bells virtually ring in our ears. We as parents begin to get our children ready for the upcoming year, the school supplies, and make sure practically everything is Avant-Garde

We envisage of giving a better future for our children – and as parents this thought process is ideal and a need. The crisp uniform, the untainted shoes, the designer bag, the lunch box accessories, the stationery – Oh ! the list is endless.

In the midst of all this we tend to forget something very critical and at times get judgmental about.

In the span of  3 months from the time, schools closed to now when they are about to open, these students with tiny hearts might have gone through a lot. A few would have faced and unassumingly braced parents divorce, or a dear parent losing a job, or the loss of a dear member from their life or detected with an ailment which is alarming. A few students wouldn’t have enjoyed the privilege of a summer holiday due to financial crunches at home – the list is truly endless and the secrets of the pain these little stars hold within their hearts is immense

So, an urge, to school authorities, to please look, consider, evaluate holistically. Delve into the various angles of pain, strife, struggle and challenges these brave hearts endure and make school coming a pleasant experience. Make them feel that they have a home in school, as school is not only about the academics, there is a lot more needed to train their brains to accept certain things, and find their way, carve their niche and all this doesn’t have to translate into marks in subjects.

Each child in unique, look at them with these pairs of eyes and help bring out the best in them as they nest in the safe and secure school environment 🙂

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