20 days to Christmas – day 5 – The legacy we leave behind

They say the only thing constant is change – I would like to digress a little bit – No matter what course our lives take, we are all inevitably destined to die.

No matter the value of our possessions, the family ties, the jealousy we harbor, the career paths we have surpassed, the hurdles we have crossed, the challenges we braced and finally the values we live by.

All of these do not hold much of a ground when it comes to facing death, except of the values we live by.

Considering materialistic traditions and customs to be a part or at least in the periphery of our social circle is the justifiable reason for being accepted. Our children will follow what we do, we leave a colossal legacy of traditions, values and cultural related facts.

As we go through our journey of life, we continuously create a personal legacy. Our legacy is the part of ourselves that will be left in the hearts and minds of others we will leave behind.

Are we leaving footprints on the sands of time – or are we leading our next to the right direction

Lord we pray to help us to consider the Gospel and your words in our day to day lives -give us the wisdom in this fast- paced world to never lose sight of your teachings and values. Inspire us to kindle that flame in our family and children to reach out to you any day and every day for anything and everything

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