21 days to Christmas – Day 4 – Obedience

In our so called structured lives, in our attempt to please others, there could be situations where we go overboard. Our actions do speak louder than words, Lord help us to be living examples of Followers of Christ.

Obedience is a part of the foundation of society. Without obedience prevailing, the word would be in turmoil and anguish.

However, there are various angles to consider. With the influx of social media, the world strangely and ironically seems to obey the commands of the machine and at times cause harm and hurt. The power of social media to influence our minds and transform that act into “obedience” needs critical and watchful eye to differentiate and digress between human thinking and the robotic influence – the dichotomy within and without

The human race is defined by their actions towards others. Causing harm to others merely because someone orders them to is not cause to follow through with the directive. If one has the choice to either follow orders or assert their individuality, the decision should be theirs to make.

Lord we ask of your mercy for times when we have disobeyed you to please the materialistic world. In this season of Advent, give us the wisdom to differentiate between the world we live in and the world you desire us to be in

Teach us to keep you in mind for everything we say and do – leave a mark on those whom we encounter every day – coz life is still beautiful
Thank you lord for everything:)

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