19 days to Christmas – Day 5– Care for Christ in Christmas


Christmas gives the very festive feeling – with tinsels glimmering and shining, the mistletoe at the door, the new clothes, the sweets and the many festivities that form part of this very special season

Though this is good to feel Christmassy, there is something we need to remind ourselves every single day not only before Christmas – its every day

We need to care for Christ in Christmas as Jesus is the reason for the season – and it isn’t difficult

No, we don’t have to always tuck ourselves in a closed and read holy books and scriptures or stay in church for long hours. For those, who can do it, it is simple awesome and a blessing

For the many who find time a constraint, there are simple ways to bring Christ into our Christmas and make Him part of His birthday

  • Gift Christ something – perhaps forgiving someone, putting a smile on someone’s face
  • Spend 15-20 minutes to read the Bible and if you have family, this is the best family time together
  • Follow the advent calendar and do good deeds every single day
  • Visit an orphanage or an old age home if you can
  • Prepare hand made cards or gift someone a hand made card
  • Surprise your family members by gifting them something
  • Thank the priests, and the religious who toil tirelessly and relentlessly to make our Christmas special
  • Express gratitude every single day – during this season of Advent and onward




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