18 days to Christmas – Day 6 – Beauty in simplicity- Christmas and beyond

Christmas season brings in its grandeur and majestic royale feeling and along with that the fringes of faking at times to make the season feel special

For all those who struggle to buy gifts for their family, friends and colleagues, there is no need to panic

There is so much that can be done in a simplistic manner which has its own share of beauty

The real value of a Christmas gift doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, simple but meaningful gifts are often more appreciated. Hand- made card – get our kids to make creative arts and crafts as personalized gifts or ask them to assist us in making home-baked goodies for their friends, teachers and family. Show your children that the best gifts are really from the heart loaded with feelings from within.

Teaching our kids to value simplicity will also allow them to be appreciative of every little thing that comes their way. This will lessen the tendency to feel disappointed whenever they fail to receive what they want. Instead, they will learn to value the simple joys in life even beyond Christmas.

For those without kids or whose kids have grown up, there are options here too

Delve into your passion, your hobbies, am sure that there are many untapped treasures hidden there. Reach out to those treasures and connect with them and soon you will have discovered a whole new you who is still a child within. And once you have connected with that child, its simply the circle of life

Get going, and find that beauty in simplicity today and beyond

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