Do we really care for our young generation

Hello to all

Wishing you a very happy, prosperous and a successful New Year

Am back after a hiatus, Christmas and New Year celebrations kept me away from social media as I connected with many of my dear friends and family members

An incident last evening prompted me to post this – this thought is really alarming, scary and one that needs serious and deep dive thinking at this very moment

Most of us either have kids of our own or have been in the company of kids – neighbours, friends, cousins etc.

Kids have tons of energy which needs to be channelized in the right direction, the tender age of 4 -5 years is a very vulnerable one – they are at the age of absorbing anything we feed them with –

I had been to a beauty center to get my nails painted – and noticed a lady who was approximately of the age of 50+ having a very interesting conversation with a kid age 4 years who had come with his mother to the same beauty center – this lady was asking the kid all kinds of questions making a very catchy discussion -it was fun to see the kid run upto his mother to find answers to certain questions he couldnt answer the lady. His mother too prompted him and it was so encouraging and refreshing to see this kid bubbly as ever making a very honest attempt to answer all the questions like a pro – this made me smile after a long tiring day at work

In some time came in another lady with her son, who was wailing as he entered the centre and to calm him down, his mother thrust her mobile phone in his hand and in some time he quietened, this went on for almost an hour, the mother made conversation with the other ladies in the center, whilst the kid kept watching stuff on the mobile phone. There was no conversation at all between the mom and her son and after a span of 30 minutes of being glued to the phone, this poor kid slept off on the sofa with the phone fallen on his face

This made me think – the role players in both scenes were of almost the same age, yet there was so much of striking contrast in everything. Without any bias, i felt sad for the kid who had nothing besides the mobile phone for company.

Are we really ready for the young generation – do we have the time to answer their quetions – can we spend quality time with them – the world at large is changing at a galloping pace, can we keep our kids on the right track, or are we letting them lose to fend for themselves and make their own decisions

These questions need a lot of introspection – we need to take care of our young generation much more than ever before as they are exposed to so much, make conversations,with them, ask them questions, hear them out and make them feel that we care for them and their wellbeing – let them realize that we as parents are their friends, that they can confide in us –

We as parents too are learning every single day, let us make every day special in our own way, little nuggets  of happiness and joy  spread the pixie dust of positivity and cheer


Wishing you all a blissful and peaceful New year ahead



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